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Everyone’s experience of LHON is different. Read below to find out about the experiences of others who live with the condition. If you wish to share your story of living with LHON please download one of the templates and you can soon be starring on this page and supporting others!

Picture of Loannis

Read about Daniel Smith's experiences of LHON 

Dan Lost his sight while at University but with support from his twin brother completed his degree and now works in financial services.

Picture of Loannis

Read about Ioannis Gkoutzamanis' experiences of LHON 

Ioannis likes to challenge himself and has not let LHON hold him back from achieving his ambitions.

Picture of James Ferguson

Read about James Ferguson's experiences of LHON 

James is a Manchester United fan with an adventurous desire to travel. He Works as a therapist in the NHS

Picture of Steph Cutler

Read about Steph Cutler's experiences of LHON

Steph is an ex fashion designer and now runs a personal development business.

Picture of Matt Leverington

Read about Matt Leverington's experiences of LHON

Matt is recently diagnosed and rebuilding his life.  He has retained his sales job and enjoys VI football.

Picture of Rob Driscoll

Read about Rob Driscoll's experiences of LHON

Rob has lived with LHON for 24 years and is a family man with a successful professional career.

Picture place holder

Read about Warren Wilson's experiences of LHON

Warren achieved a degree in history after losing his sight and is a keen participant in VI sports.

Picture of Glen Sheader

Read about Glen Sheader's experience of LHON

Glen retrained after losing his sight and now works as a therapeutic counsellor.